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  1. Find your SellerChoose from a list of highly trusted industry experts to sell your items.
  2. Partner with SellerShip your items to the consignment seller after discussing the terms and logistics of your sale.
  3. Sit back. Wait to get paid.You are all set now! Watch the item sell on eBay and get paid.

Questions? No problem.

Why use eBay consignment center?eBay consignment center is the perfect way to achieve a great price for your unique collectible items. Our consignment sellers are industry experts who are selected by eBay staff. You will benefit from their industry knowledge and selling experience.

How much is my item worth?Your consignment seller can estimate your item's value and you can also check What's It Worth on eBay.

What items can I consign?Choose from one of the categories listed above ranging from Comics to Sports Cards to Coins and more.

How are the consignment sellers selected?Consignment sellers are not eBay employees, but rather independent trusted partners with valuable industry expertise who are hand-picked by eBay staff.

What's the cost for me?It all depends on your negotiation with the consignment seller. Consignment fees may vary by item type, category, consignment seller and whether the consignment seller consigns or buys your item outright.

When will I get paid?You will have to discuss payment terms with the consignment seller. In general, you will be paid after the item sells on eBay, but there may be times when you will get paid up front.

What if I don't see my category listed here?Send us a comment at to suggest the category you wish to see included in consignment center and we will take your feedback into consideration.

  1. Consignment sellers will be required to list consigned item(s) on the eBay Site exclusively, for at least 6 months.
  2. eBay has the ability to cease eBay consignment center at any time.
  3. eBay reserves the right to remove any consignment seller and/or add consignment sellers at any time.
  4. These terms & conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.
  5. All other applicable eBay terms and conditions and policies apply.