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Friends.......................So MUCH of what we do is 100% Charitable by nature...

A portion of ALL proceeds go to LOCAL Non-Profits, School Healthy Eating Initiatives, Scholarships and our award winning SAN MARZIALE Procession which is 100% charitable and draws in crowds from as far away as Montreal. 

Videos from the Event:


 Other Programs we Sponsor for FREE:

1. Project WW2.0 (The FREE WW2 Vault for Schools world-wide) Visit to view the program in real time.

2. FREE CDC Mobile Apps distributed via this website for schools, teachers and parents. 

3. FREE VR/AR Virtual Library for Schools around the world in order to teach Virtual Reality. 

4. We offer FREE Healthy Eating Tools to Schools around the WORLD

5. We manage the following groups (mostly academic and health related) for FREE:

 Principals, School Directors, Deans & Educational Leaders

Our Flagship Academic Group with 75,000 VERY ACTIVE users and educational leaders.